Collecting Timothy Ely’s Work

Limited Availability Show Catalog (Fall 2022)

A limited run catalog of Timothy Ely’s show at the San Francisco Center for the Book Fall 2022 show “Cognitive Distance:  the Bookworks and Thoughtforms of Timothy C. Ely” work is being sold via the SFCB web store. You can buy a copy (if available) at this SFCB link.

This show features a very large number of both prints and books by Timothy Ely. As a result, this 104 page, full color catalog documents one of the widest ranges of his work in one place.

Directly from Timothy Ely

The ORION folio from SCORE. (Available in reproduction print.)

Many works may be obtained directly from Tim Ely. Contact Tim (via the Contact page) for the following:

  • Commissioned Books
  • Original prints, drawings and paintings
  • Limited Edition reproduction pages from books.
  • Copies of the rare trade book “Flight into Egypt,” published by Chronicle Books, are available from Tim for $65.00 each as well as The Tables of Jupiter for $25.00

The studio also has bookbinding equipment and miscellany available for purchase including the book binding frame Tim invented — the Planetary Collage Sewing Frame.

Sewing a book on a Dreadnought-sized sewing frame.

A published catalog, Timothy C. Ely: 8 Books, with recent work is available through

Lux Mentis

Lux Mentis Booksellers has a number of Tim Ely’s Manuscript Books for sale as well as original prints from the “Impossible Landscape” series. Contact Ian Kahn and his team.

Lux Mentis can be found at or followed on Instagram at LuxMentis.

The following books are among those currently available through Lux Mentis.

Lost and Found


“5”, by Timothy C. Ely


Obelisk Stare

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