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“Pigment encrusted fingernails” and Other Thoughts from the Workshop Today

Thoughts on this week’s workshop from Jenn Zahrt. (Thanks for letting me re-post this!) Pigment encrusted fingernails and stains on clothes (forgot my apron in Seattle)… exhaustion of the most perfect kind. A raw moonstone I brought with me screamed out to be on my workshop table and ended up finding a job on Tim’s […]

A New Perspective on the July 16 Workshop

People wonder how I get so much into a one week workshop. This video seems to sum it up (courtesy Randall Hankins). Was quite pleased this week with excellent discussions of subtle differences in materials, glues, pastes, and processes to make them all work nicely together. Books and art on paper all thrive when driven by […]

The Workshop Begins & Things Move Fast

I can’t believe it’s already the end of day three… Well, things move fast at Planetary Collage. Now, off to tonite’s open house at my studio. (My able studio assistant Randall Hankins gets credit for this video.) Copyright 2018 – Timothy C. Ely – All Rights Reserved

Throwback Friday: Photo’s of work from the Line of Sight show

In 2010-2011, I was honored to have my work shown at The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, Washington at a show I titled “Line of Sight”. These photos of works in the exhibit taken from Doug and Judith Garnett’s collection. In this show, I was also able to document some of my process […]

My Artists Journey, Part 3: Skills & Quality

By the early 1980s, I could clearly envision the kinds of books of images that I wanted to make. Now it was time for serious ratcheting up of my skills at making books – so that their quality matched my own demanding vision of it. Artist stories often omit this part – after all skilled making […]

Preparing to Hold Summer Workshops

The studio looks like it was searched by the vice squad. I am preparing for a pair of workshops with slight variations. Both involve the concept and construction of a sketchbook form, the basic and some advancements as well as an introduction to a more formal structure. So – there are piles of bones and […]