Collecting Timothy Ely’s Work

Lux Mentis

Lux Mentis Booksellers represents Tim Ely’s Manuscript Books. Ian Kahn and team have a sizable current inventory, access to additional completed books and original prints from the “Impossible Landscape” series.

Lux Mentis can be found at or followed on Instagram at LuxMentis.

Directly from Timothy Ely

Other works may be obtained directly from Tim Ely. The easiest way to initiate contact is with the form at the bottom of this page.

The ORION folio from SCORE.

Newly available are reproduction prints of each folio in SCORE as well as a CD of Larry Ellison’s pieces. SCORE is a manuscript book now in the Lilly Library at Indiana University.

Also available are reproduction prints of each folio in INSECTORIUM which is another manuscript book which resides in the Lilly Library.

Contact Tim directly to obtain these reproduction prints as well as:

  • Commissioned Books
  • Original prints, drawings and paintings
  • Limited Edition reproduction pages from books too concealed to be ever seen again
  • Copies of the rare trade book “Flight into Egypt,” published by Chronicle Books, are available from Tim for $65.00 each as well as The Tables of Jupiter for $25.00

Sewing a book on a Dreadnought-sized sewing frame.

The studio also has bookbinding equipment and miscellany available for purchase.

  • Planetary Collage Sewing Frame (Scout and Dreadnought sizes)
  • Trimming/Finishing Presses
  • Consolidation Sticks
  • Punching Cradles
  • Vintage materials such as linen cord and sewing threads
  • Occasional duplicate copies of rare books on binding

Soon we will have a page of images of various things that are available.

A published catalog, Timothy C. Ely: 8 Books, with recent work is available through

Educational Opportunities

Ely is available for lectures, workshops off site and private instruction.

Each summer he also holds a series of workshops on Sketchbooks, making, ramifications and image making. Enquire below if interested.

We are happy to discuss more specifics. Please fill out the form below for initial contact:

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