“Pigment encrusted fingernails” and Other Thoughts from the Workshop Today

Thoughts on this week’s workshop from Jenn Zahrt. (Thanks for letting me re-post this!)

Pigment encrusted fingernails and stains on clothes (forgot my apron in Seattle)… exhaustion of the most perfect kind.

A raw moonstone I brought with me screamed out to be on my workshop table and ended up finding a job on Tim’s demo table (holding down a piece of paper). Good job, moonstone! It’s overnighting there, probably all week. It has donned some yellow ochre, as well. Getting into it!

Today we made sections for the interior and I did some deep paper exercises with the stibnite that I picked up from Dan Riegler at the Viridis Genii Symposium. I also broke out the green ink Catamara & Marcus made. Added quotes from Tim’s instructions* and the exquisite corpses Matthew and I wrote on Mt Si. And lots of invisible treatments to the paper that will only come out in time, as the book is used.

The cover is lathered in wheat paste and earth minerals and palimpsest scribbles – a map of the planetary year buried in iron ores; illegible now, but in there. Covered in cobalt acrylic splatters… it curled up like ‘a dry lake’ there’s so much materia. Tomorrow I’ll fix that warping and burnish it…

And learn much, much more…

* Such as, ”Only do what blows your brains out; if it doesn’t feed you, don’t do it.” Yes.







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