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X-RAY. A New Work.

This week I’ve been finalizing X-RAY, a new book. Fortunately, much of the process around X-RAY has been documented with the film and photographs which follow. I’m quite often asked “How long does it take to create one of your books?” The truth is similar to that expressed by Abraham Lincoln when asked “How long […]

The Right Triangle 

I don’t think celebrate is the right word for what I’m thinking today — perhaps deeply acknowledge is better? Regardless, I am aware of the anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon along with my departure for the CIA a month or so later. In the middle of all this, in 1969 […]

A Visit to Reed College’s Special Collections

My co-conspirator in this blog, Doug Garnett, and his son Sam Garnett, have begun filming a documentary about my work. Doug has directed national TV commercials and Sam is an excellent videographer and editor. (Here’s a clip with us busily at work in my studio.) It has been exciting to see film about my work begin […]

Registration Open for Summer Workshop — The Sketchbook: Thoughts and Actions.

I’m pleased to announce there are a few spaces still available in our second summer workshop this year which will be held July 29 – August 2, 2019. Detailed discussion of the workshop is included in this PDF brochure Sketchbook Workshops_2019. The brochure also includes the registration form. The workshop is appropriate for the beginner as […]

Video Tour: From My TXC Series

TX83 was made in 2014. It is a Drum-Leaf™ binding, non-sewn and on laminated rag paper. Individual folios were split at the fold and regrouped to form novel configurations. The paper was treated with gelatin and acrylic resin and the instrument drawing was made using ink, graphite and pigments. Several of the experiments in this […]

Thoughts On Process: The Impact of PanPastel Colors from Colorfin

The books and drawings that I make are, I am told, eccentric. I make them using archaic techniques and using tools for industrial or architectural design. The resulting drawings create their own category. It is difficult to ascertain with precision just what is is going on — which is my intent. (All art benefits from […]

SCORE (cont.):  Making, My Process and the CD

I recently introduced a new work, SCORE, which can be seen at the Lilly Library at Indiana University then posted a walk-through of the piece. Although artistic process really can’t be fully explained, I enjoy hearing artists talk about their processes because I find that hints and helps come about. So with that in mind… […]