Timothy Ely’s Five Essential Bookbinding Tools

This morning a guest post I’d written about my Five Essential Bookbinding Tools went up on Jeff Peachey’s blog. Just follow this link to “Timothy Ely’s Five Essential Bookbinding Tools”. Enjoy my list — which starts with Randall Hankins’ superb weights (Randy is a blog co-conspirator).

If you aren’t familiar with Jeff, he makes outstanding knives and other tools for bookbinders. As an active bookbinder, he was dissatisfied with the tools available for his use. So he started making his own.

We’ve been friends for years and I recommend keeping track of what Jeff is doing. Finding those tools which work best for you is a lifetime search — so it’s always good to know what new things are appearing in the world.

©2020 Timothy C. Ely

One of my superb set of Randall Hankins’ weights.

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