Video Tour: From My TXC Series

TX83 was made in 2014. It is a Drum-Leaf™ binding, non-sewn and on laminated rag paper. Individual folios were split at the fold and regrouped to form novel configurations. The paper was treated with gelatin and acrylic resin and the instrument drawing was made using ink, graphite and pigments. Several of the experiments in this book involve using half-loose guards around the sections and the leveling up for the quilt-like paper piecing of the covers.

Each book in the TXC or TX series represents an experiment of sorts. It begins with a “thought assembly” (nightmare?) or some idea which I would like to see realized. Once the “meditation” seems as complete as it can be, notations and sketches are made in both plan and elevation and eventually, a physical model is made. If it seems righteous enough, then the model is carried out in full scale and rather loud.

As with all of THE SECRET BOOKS OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, TX83 samples a phenomenon of a sort or a pattern that I like: a kind of visual syntax. A portion of this experiment involved the use of the primary schemata — the so-called universal color scheme (as described to me by Philip Baldwin around 1980).

In older, traditional societies the use of black, red (red ochre) and white and occasionally yellow ochre signaled the use of evocative “power.”* These earth colors are wonderful, durable and seem to call on dreams and sensations that are less familiar in today’s world of organic, very bright magpie colors. The frequencies of these individual hues are potent and, as all the colors can be found in nature, it occurs to me that it IS a universal color scheme, at least for this planet.

Naturally there is a lot of other stuff going on….Then it runs off the tracks when I remember to look at the material images of the periodic table. Most of them fall into the silvery-gray range. Breathe out, shrug and carry on.

*See the Lyall Watson essay, ARTERIES OF THE EARTH.

TX83 is currently available for purchase through Ian Kahn at Lux Mentis Booksellers. Note that you’ll need to contact Ian as my works in his possession are not yet listed on the website.

©2019 Timothy C. Ely

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