Awards for the Line of Sight Short Doc!

In 2020, we released the short documentary showcasing my work. This video gives many their first look inside a finished book and it offers everyone a peek at my studio practice. It has been a pleasure to hear from so many who have enjoyed the video.

I’ve also been pleased to hear that it introduced many to the world of the contemporary rare books and one-of-a-kind books — work which remains too little known as it resides in library special collections.

Now it’s gratifying to announce that the short doc has won some awards!

  • Telly Awards. The short documentary won a Silver Telly (shown above) for its overall quality and Sam Q. Garnett won a Silver Telly for the cinematography. It was wonderful to work with Sam — he has an impressive sense for visual interest.
  • Best Shorts Competition and the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards. While the Telly is a TV-focused group, these two awards are given by the traditional film and movie business.

Enjoy! And pass it along! If you prefer, here’s a link to the documentary on YouTube:

Special thanks to Doug Garnett (Producer/Director) and Sam Q. Garnett (Director of Photography/Story Editor/Editor) of Portland, OR based Protonik LLC for their dedicated work. They arrived in Colfax for first filming in late February 2018.

Special thanks, also, to New York-based Project Trio for the use of their music in the main documentary. This superb group features Greg Pattillo on flute, Eric Stephenson on cello, and Peter Seymour on bass.

©2022 Timothy C. Ely — All Rights Reserved


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