By the early 1980s, I could clearly envision the kinds of books of images that I wanted to make. Now it was time for serious ratcheting up of my skills at making books – so that their quality matched my own demanding vision of it. Artist stories often omit this part – after all skilled making […]

The studio looks like it was searched by the vice squad. I am preparing for a pair of workshops with slight variations. Both involve the concept and construction of a sketchbook form, the basic and some advancements as well as an introduction to a more formal structure. So – there are piles of bones and […]

The mere act of seeking often leads to answers in surprising places. I was looking hard after leaving grad school – following the idea of making one-of-a-kind books that contained my images. I had made a few visual books, in essence small board books with all the wrong machine directions and improper adhesives. What I […]

In the last part of the twentieth century, I was awarded a degree, an MFA. It was a most odd thing to me to be a ‘master’ of a fine art, especially at 25 or so years of age. In the great lens of hindsight, I recall the congratulatory remarks of my committee that were […]

The Book O Mullings- endband detail ©2013 Timothy C. Ely – All Rights Reserved

The first day; Between project steps I will begin to explore this form. Trying to get a hand into the ideas possible here. ©2013 Timothy C. Ely — All Rights Reserved